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R & D and innovation

R & D and innovation is the core power for D. C. Tech.

D. C. Tech. always adheres to the technology-driven and people-oriented philosophy, systematically developing and innovating surface treatment products. The company has a high-quality R & D team, among whom over 70% have master's degree (and above) with electrochemistry, organic synthesis, chemical analysis, and many other technical expertise.

R & D takes innovation as its challenge and responsibility, upholding the scientific attitude of preciseness and excellence, coupled with advanced analytical testing methods, making continuous improvement and ensuring the primacy, comprehensiveness, stability and competitiveness of products.

The R & D Center of the company establishes sound cooperative relationships with Shandong University, Shandong Research Institute, Beijing Microchemistry Institute and many other research institutions, relying on its strong research resources and complementary advantages and emphasizing resource integration and sincere cooperation. It makes efficient and scientific analysis of the industry technology and product application, and thus brings the company's high quality and high efficiency products to the market.

Basing on the R & D results in the field of the latest applications, the company has won a good reputation and popularity among the industry, with its market share increasing steadily, moving towards the vision of becoming the world's leading supplier for surface treatment chemicals which are renowned worldwide.

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