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Plating Supporting Equipment Series

D. C. Tech. has been committed to the development and promotion of surface treatment technology, providing high quality chemicals and perfect technology for the industry. It also has specialized engineers creating more reasonable design of environment-friendly plating equipment and plating equipment for new process, offering you more comprehensive technical support and service.

Automobiles, which mainly consist of engines, car body, chassis and electrical appliance, contain thousands of parts, most of which require surface treatment. As an important industrial method for decorative anticorrosion and surface modification, electroplating plays an important role in the automotive industry.

The SPIRIT copper-nickel-chromium plating system of D. C. can cope with harsh corrosive environments, performing excellent decorative function and being widely used in car wheels, interior and exterior parts. With the four-layer nickel as the intermediate plating layer of products, the excellent plating additives make the electric potential difference between the layers stabilized within an ideal range, playing an important role of electrochemical protection. The CASS test reaches 72 hours/level 10 and maintains the decorative effect of plating layer. The environment-friendly CRSPIRIT trivalent chromium plating process of D. C. meets the requirements of eco-friendliness and safety.

The ZNSPIRIT zinc plating and zinc-nickel alloy plating is equipped with both beautiful appearance and excellent corrosion resistance, widely used in the plating of automobile parts.

Plating Supporting Equipment Seriesapplication

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