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Prestige First

To customers –focus on credibility and trustworthiness and always maintain a good corporate image.

To colleagues – show mutual respect and trust and emphasize teamwork, unity and cooperation.


Users’ satisfaction is always the first pursuit.

The company provides customers with not only the advanced technology and high quality products, but also the prestige and service-oriented spirit.

Striving for Innovation

Good at learning, drawing on the strengths of others, maintaining innovative development, following the development pace of the electroplating industry, focusing on the introduction, research and development of the latest technology, evolving new things from the old, injecting more powerful vitality into the company's products.

Pursuing Excellence

The company shoulders its social responsibility to offer superior products and services, establishing the maintenance and improvement of its leading-edge products and service and the determination to become the leader in the electroplating industry as its basic objective.

Bring together the collective wisdom and ability to continuously improve the quality of products and services to provide customers with satisfactory productivity and high quality products, achieving the maximum satisfaction of customers.

Adhere to the highest standards in terms of the company's internal and external relations and the business exchanges between employees and customers.

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