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Electroplating technical engineer

hiring Electroplating technical engineer hiring 6-8
sex Working place 27/5000 Jinan, Qingdao, tianjin, shenyang, suzhou, wuxi, ningbo, wenzhou, shenzhen, etc
The job description
Responsibilities: responsible for the daily technical services of customers, giving full and correct technical guidance and support to existing customers, ensuring smooth production and reasonable cost; To assist the sales engineer in the technical support part of the work of the sales engineer (to introduce the product process to the customer, provide the technical plan, the product application answer, etc.). To assist in promoting new products and processes, rigorous and thorough, to achieve customer satisfaction; To complete other technical work required by technical department. Requirements: education level: college degree or above; Professional requirements: electroplating, anticorrosive, chemical, chemical engineering, etc. Work experience: related work experience in electroplating industry for more than 2 years, experience of technical engineer or electroplating production supervisor is preferred; We are familiar with electroplating technology such as tin plating, silver plating, gold plating, etc. The company requires solid diligence, self-motivated and team consciousness; It is easy to travel on a regular basis.
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