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GES-5506 heat-set printing ink

GES-5506 heat-set printing ink

1、Characteristics of the product:his printing ink is the single-component heat-set printing ink, which belongs to the chemical products, and is used for identification of surface words of electronic components. It has outstanding curing ability, excellent adhesive force, wonderful water resistance and solution resistance, and the printing is clear and bright, and can be stored in low temperature for a long time.

2、directly or offset printed:Storage condition and stability: 0-10℃ for more than 6 months

3、Main components: heat-set resin, inorganic pigment, organic pigment, additives, the first kind of chemical solvents, the second kind of chemical solvents

4、Technical index:

Appearance: silver viscous liquid

Density: 1.21g/cm3

Viscosity: 65000-75000m·Pa·S(25℃)

Curing condition: 120℃×2hr 150℃×30min

Adhesive force: 100% cross-cut test

Hardness: ≥5 electronic spectrophotometer, durometer

Water-tolerant: no blistering, no shed (international standard)

Solvent resistance: through chloroform method

Acid and alkali resistance: no blistering, no shed 10%HCl (international standard)

No blistering, no shed 15%NaOH (international standard)

5. Word removal agent: acidic word removal agent (manufactured by this company)

6. Diluents: GES-5509 diluent

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